A Copenhagen minute.


Ever since July when I booked my trip back to the UK for my cousins wedding, I couldn’t stop myself from telling people how excited I was for my detour trip to the ‘wonderful wonderful’ Copenhagen. One friend joked with me “you’re moving to Vietnam but you’re excited for 2 days in Copenhagen?” with a raised eyebrow, questioning my thought process as always. Well yes, living in Vietnam, I’ve missed European cities terribly and although I’m now close to so many amazing countries, there’s still so many places in Europe that are on my ‘by 2020’ list, shall we say. Copenhagen was one of them. I’d been to Amsterdam but still hadn’t dipped my foot in Scandinavia and thought coming home was a golden opportunity.

I only had 2 nights to make the most of my Danish adventure and I knew the first night I’d be going straight to sleep off the plane. Perhaps, it’s a sign of age?

Arriving into the airport, so much excitement comes over me, I know it sounds crazy, but even the airport waiting chairs were ‘Scandinavian Pinterest’ worthy in my mind. I can’t stop smiling at everything. I find my way to the Central station and the first thing I set out to do (baring in mind, I’ve left Vietnam) is to find the nearest 7/11 and buy any classic Western chocolate I could find. Dairy milk being the holy grail but I settled with a bronze standard Twix. It was glorious. If I was this happy at the start of my adventure – eating a Twix in a train station by myself, imagine how Euphoric I was by the end of the trip. It’s the small things.

I stayed in Steel House, a very nice and clean, moderately priced hostel 10 minutes walk from Central station and Tivoli Gardens. I usually go for Air Bnb’s but considering I’d be spending all my time exploring, a hostel seemed a more cost effective option and this place had the exact ‘workspace’ yet social vibes I look for in accommodation, also great bathrooms.  The only issue I had with this place was the extra prices you had to pay to use the lockers and even the kitchen. It was only a few extra £’s but it was unexpected costs.

Tivoli Gardens

7.30 AM – Breakfast

Breathing in the novelty of clean air and actually taking pleasure in the coldness of the grey morning, I walked 20 minutes to the Vesterbro district to enjoy an early breakfast at Mad & Kaffe . A cosy ‘organic’ brunch spot, serving an eclectic style menu. The avocado with beetroot hummus, almonds, chilli oil and herbs was beyond taste bud heaven and for those of you, who completely disregard food genre’s in relation to time like myself, the milk chocolate brownie with berries and caramel sauce…I mean, words could not do justice.



Full of food and ready to explore, I made haste for the infamous Nyhavn harbour. As it was still before lunchtime, I managed to catch the harbour in the sunny morning light and tourist free which is always a blessing.



At the same point I realised everyone in Copenhagen was dressed impeccably well, as if living advertisements for COS or Acne, I realised I was the most undressed person, with bare legs under a few layers and my favourite thin silver jacket. At 11 degrees, I was freezing and for the first time shopping became a ‘need’ not a ‘want’. Strøget bound, I picked up some essentials like tights and a cute yellow polo neck fleece to layer with.


A warmer me then headed to Free town to check out the notorious Christiania. A colourful, bohemian area with it’s own controversies regarding the legalisation of selling Marijuana. Whatever your personal stance, it’s a cool place to wonder about with some quirky cafes and art sculptures. A friend described it as an ‘extreme’ Camden.

One thing I’m determined to do in every city is to find a Contemporary art gallery to lose myself in. As it was Sunday, my luck was running thin but during an unexpected phone conversation with Stella, I accidentally wondered into the Kunsthall Charlottenborg, one of the largest exhibitions of contemporary art in Europe. I prefer modern art, I do find it inspiring and thought provoking but sometimes I like the idea that someone can create something so ridiculously absurd at times and succeed at selling it. Like making a punch line out of the assembly line.


Having skipped lunch, I had it on good authority the meat packing district, in particular a pizza restaurant called ‘Mother’ was the place to go for dinner. Taking myself on a little evening date, I treated myself to the most amazing pepperoni pizza and well deserved glass of red. Since working in the Trafford centre years ago, where I had to get over the ‘eating alone’ fear on lunches, I really have no qualms with going to restaurants by myself. I prefer the company of others, but I’m also not going to deprive myself of good food because of silly insecurities.

Day 2 – Farewell.

I had to leave for my flight at midday so my time was short, but that didn’t stop me from getting up at 6am and heading to Grod. I know I keep raving about the food, and in all honesty I’ve only started liking porridge but a friend said this was the best porridge in Copenhagen and I believe him whole heartedly after tasting it! A fun fact, this was also the worlds first porridge bar.


Pre-empting that I would skip lunch again due to my terrible record with catching flights on time,  I doubled up and revisited Mad & Kaffe for one last exquisite breakfast and coffee.

My final tourist trip before heading back to the UK was to visit Church of our Saviour, climb the 400 step spiral tower and find the best view of Copenhagen. I was not disappointed, and also enjoyed learning the history of the tower in the cinema room, quarter way up.

Church of our Saviour


My trip was soon over, and yet again I found myself rushing to the airport to beat baggage check-in (haven’t failed yet though!). I enjoyed Copenhagen so much and tried to get what I could out of it. In terms of cost, people have asked me how expensive it was and honestly, it’s just city prices. Realistically, forget London, even in Manchester a nice meal for one would cost £10-15. Back in the UK, it’s not normal to eat out like that all the time so of course you’d want to treat yourself on holiday, living there or visiting on a budget you could definitely be more frugal and being a solo traveller I didn’t spend much at all anyway.

One thing I definitely should of done was get a bike. I’m far too stubborn I can get to places on foot but felt I missed out on things, so I’d recommend anyone with short time to do this! I would have also of loved to of made it to Nørrebro and caught the quick train to Sweden. Perhaps these things can be saved for another trip in the future!

Well apart from this blog post, now you don’t have to hear about it anymore! I’m back in Vietnam; back to my warm weather, loud children and adorable cat, and onto the next one as they say.

Thank you for stopping by!




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