48 Hours In Phu Quoc

Sao beach

Last weekend I took a mini break to Phu Quoc to meet my Dad and his girlfriend whilst they were on holiday. Getting off to a bumpy start by accidentally missing my flight (Vietjet neglected to tell me the time had changed), meant I had less time than intended to enjoy the relaxation time, as well as show my Dad and Sara the best of the island.

This inspired me to create a 48 hour itinerary for anyone who is short on time and wants to check Phu Quoc off their travel hit list.

We all stayed near the town area on the Dương Đông road, myself at Sun & Wind Paradise bungalows and my Dad at the Famiana resort. I find this area better as it’s inbetween most attractions.

Day 1.

Wherever you’re staying it makes life easier to rent a motorbike from your accommodation. Without a bike, taxi’s cost a fortune to get around unless there’s a bigger group of you.

9.30am – Get a good start to the day by grabbing yourself the local and delicious Seafood noodle soup and traditional Vietnamese iced coffee with condensed milk (Cà phê sữa đá) at ‘Z Coffee’. This place is hidden but a great gem to find; clean and wonderful food for a lower than tourist price.

seafood noodle soup

10.30am – Once you’ve filled up on breakfast head to Sao beach, about 30 minutes South of the island. In my opinion, Phu Quoc’s best beach. White sand, palm trees, gorgeous blue sea with a sea view restaurant at the end of it called ‘Paridiso’ serving high standard Western food as well as Vietnamese food for when you get peckish at lunch time. Spend the majority of the day tanning and enjoying the blue sea here. The great thing about Sao beach is that, no matter which season you come in, it will always look beautiful and debris free. Unfortunately a lot of beaches in South East Asia have become ruined due to plastic waste. In Phu Quoc, the dry season (October – May) is best because during this time the plastic is washed out by the sea. During the wet season (June – September), the plastic is washed up to shore. A sobering sight to see, and something that needs to change in the attitude’s towards environments by tourists all over the world.

Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at 17.08.03
Sao beach

Alternatively, if you have come during the rainy season like I did last year then fear not because there are some amazing waterfalls to check out that you can’t during the dry season, such as the most popular; Suối Tranh Waterfall. If the days sunny then this could be done before Sao beach.

4.30pm – By about this time, the sun will be starting to go down and the temperature a little cooler. It’s time to head back to your accommodation to relax and slowly get ready.

6.00pm – Phu Quoc is overflowing with restaurants to feast at. A Vietnamese restaurant we went to on the Dương Đông road, called ‘Cami’ did an amazing chicken lemon grass dish as well as other curries and sweet and sour chicken. Alternatively, there’s also a great Indian place a little further up called ‘The Naked Table’. If you have any recommendations to check out for next time, please comment below?

8.00pm – Grab a few cocktails at OCSEN beach bar. Formerly known as Rory’s beach bar, it’s a relatively new bar with a chilled out vibe of bean bags on the beach with candle lit tables and a quirky bar set up inside. They’ve still carried on the Saturday tradition of the old bar by hosting a bonfire on the beach. Depending on your style of night out, you can take it easy here or move onto another bar for a heavier and later night.

Alternatively, if you have enough energy, hop back on a bike and head to the Phu Quoc Night market in town.

Day 2.

10.00am – Grab breakfast at an eatery of your choice. As a creature of habit, I’ve always opted for ‘Z coffee’.

11.00am – Head to starfish beach, an unmissable attraction in Phu Quoc. Famous on Instagram for it’s abundance of starfish. While there are a lot of starfish, during the peak dry season it can seem a little soul destroying watching tourists walk out far to fill their arms with live creatures with the soul purpose of bringing them to shore for pictures. I’m pretty sure the ones I saw a family taking photos with on the sand were dead. When you go here, while it’s pretty cool to be around so many starfish try not to disturb their space too much and definitely keep them in the water. These in the picture below were one’s I’d walked past in the sea. I have a suspicion they would have been pre arranged by someone but at least they’re in water and alive!


While you’re at Starfish beach, head to the restaurant on the pontoon in the sea for some delicious seafood dishes and coconut drinks.

3.00pm – Head home for relaxation and a shower.

5.00pm – Head to Chuon Chuon Sky bar and bistro  for elaborate sunset drinks and food. The sunset views here are gorgeous and not to be missed. The trip to get here is very up hill, requiring taxi or bike and therefore, not many tourists find it, it’s my favourite spot in Phu Quoc!



In terms of ending the 48 hour itinerary, you can enjoy the rest of your night here or move on to another bar close by for drinks. Phu Quoc is not lost for entertainment and bars.

Phu Quoc was on my bucket list and I’ve been fortunate enough now to visit twice. Even a few days here felt like a weeks holiday away from Hanoi. While I have only shared a 48 hour itinerary for you all, don’t be fooled into thinking that’s it. Phu Quoc has so much more to offer and many attractions to see and scenery to explore, one of my favourite things was just taking in the scenery on the bike rides and exploring new corners of beaches I hadn’t seen before.

If you would like to know anything else about travel in Vietnam, feel free to click here for the Hanoi weekend itinerary and here for 24 hrs in Ninh Binh.

Thank you for reading! x


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