A word on me


A little bit about myself, well, so far I’ve been living in Hanoi since January 2018. If you had asked me back then what I thought I’d be doing right now, living in Asia teaching young children would not of been the answer. I joke that I’m having a millennial, existential quarter life crisis, but actually I’m the happiest I’ve ever been out here.

To give you some background on me, I’m from Bristol but I’ve lived in the back end of no where (better known as the Cotswolds) as well as the bustling cities of Manchester and London. I’m a city girl through and through, there’s no compromising.

I graduated in Fashion Buying and merchandising, and it seems, instead of using my degree and experience to get a graduate job in my field back in London, I decided to move to Vietnam until further notice.

This blog was created to ease my urge to create pretty and (hopefully) informative content, as well as to inspire people to visit or make the leap and move to Asia, or anywhere for that matter. Once you’ve made the leap, it sounds corny, but anything is possible. My posts will also consist of beauty and lifestyle tips aimed at people like myself who are living and working in Vietnam. My aim is to open up Hanoi and Vietnam on a larger spectrum, show off it’s charms and always create helpful content you’ll (again, hopefully) love! x


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